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Ugg boots, Yes! Real Original Australian Classic Sheepskin Ugg Boots, from slippers to tall outdoor ugg boots.

YES! we are the original family owned and run
sheepskin shop on the southern end of the gold coast for over 40 Years. We were under the name of The Miners Hut for 25 years,

       The Miners Hut from 1977 to 2002 


 and we now go by the name of,


        The Sheepskin Hut 2002 to 2012 


      The Sheepskin Hut 2012 to Now                      Opposite Twin Towns

                     Shop 3/1 Wharf Street Tweed Heads 

Selling car seat covers and ugg boots Since 1977, only purchasing high quality products, which saves you from having problems in the future.          

                      Photo taken 1981 1                           


                                                                                                                                                                                              We have 4 types of seatcovers in stock, All of which allow for    Side Air Bags.

              We have 20 different styles of mens and womens from         s    slippers to tall uggs in store. New styles and colors each year.

                   For all your Ugg and Souvenir needs.

                 We also can repair and clean seat covers.

And only 10 Minutes from Coolangatta (Gold Coast) Airport !

Relocation of the iconic Sheepskin Hut, now at Shop 3/1 Wharf Street Tweed Heads, has been a local family serving the southern Gold Coast now for over 40 years, with good friendly service.

Knowledge of the quality that lasts so well, whether your looking for a sheepskin for the baby to lay on for the change table, car seat or the pram, maybe your looking for medical sheepskin for an adult for comfort, medically proven to take away pressure points such as bed sores plus it will not make them hot or sweat, even mats for your pet to have some comfort particularly if they have arthritis, other popular products are Sheepskin Gloves, fingerless gloves, ankle and heel protectors with Velcro, Soft Sole Slippers, Shoe Style hard sole Slippers and Moccasins.

We do have the Australian Made Sheepskin UGG BOOTS, the technology that goes into manufacturing them these days, like Water Proofing put in the tanning process of the sheepskins, Removable Inner Soles which have Arch Support, some have a Leather Toe Protection, we have new stock arriving all the time.

For sheepskin car seat covers not just for comfort, also to protect from wear, cigarette burns, diesel dust and dirt when the windows are down.

Our Seat covers are made at least 2" taller from the base of the seat to the headrest bars which suits all modern seats from 2005 to the new models, actually fitting into the shape of the seat. There are 2 thickness of sheepskin to choose from. also allowing for seat bolsters, plus now allowing for the Side Air Bags passing ISO-AS standards and Automotive Standards Compliant which we have made ready to fit before you buy. That's what we call service and paramount to our shops survival, customers rely and trust our knowledge for 3 generations now.